Art Direction / Branding / Identity / Album Art /
Site Design / Social Media Campaign


Tree Teather is a collaborative musical project started by Will Carter in West Chester, PA. Will works with other musicians to create a magical blend of music he calls “Chill Pysch Soul.”


I worked closely with Will to create a brand centered around the visual representation of his music. The designs of the logo and artwork represent the cool, relaxed, and balanced sound he tries to create with his music while incorporating the themes of nature he sings about.

  • "I Know."

  • "Honey."

  • "Flowers."

  • "Bonsai."

My inspiration for the EP cover art based was the idea of synesthesia, which is seeing the colors of sound. Will and I decided on color combinations that we thought reflected the mood and tone of the song. The two of us also decided on 3D artist Maria Pan, to develop the illustration for the album cover. All five covers were designed to align with Tree Theater’s brand and to build visual synergy between his releases.


In December of 2017, my team launched a social media campaign to get more followers on Tree Theater’s instagram and Facebook page, while also getting more listerners to his Spotify page. We targeted specific audiences who listened to similar artists and specific areas in the U.S. where there were a high volume of audiences listening to the Tree Theater and similar artists. At the end of the six weeks, Wills instagram had gained over 400 followers and his monthly listeners on stopify when from 10,000 to 20,000 people. From the data we gathered we were able to adjust the target audience at the end of every seven days to maximize his potential for more followers on Stopify and Instagram.